8:30 A.M - Breakfast  

8:50 A.M - Review of daily Job Chart and Calendar.

9:00 A.M - Group Exercise                                                   

9:30 A.M - Unit Story: Books read relating to weekly unit.   

10:00 A.M - Unit Work Book: Each week we have a workbook to complete and
bring home all about our week's unit

10:30 A.M - Snack: Consisting of crackers or bread, fruit or a vegetable, and

10:45 A.M - GAME, MUSIC, and FREE PLAY: Memory games including, letters
and number recognition, colors, and shapes. Group and individual singing and
dancing. Free play inside or outside which is determined by the weather. We
go out all through the year

11:30 A.M - CRAFTS: we use all materials. We accept all donations of paper,
paper rolls, wood, fabric, plastic, sea shells, feathers, everything and anything.

12:30 P.M - Lunch: Consists of a protein, a vegetable, a fruit, a     
carbohydrate, and milk

1:00 P.M - NAPTIME    

4:00 P.M - TOGETHER TIME: We have a snack, discuss what we did during the
day, and we will do some puzzles or table games as we prepare to go home.