Letter's of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation 1

Gayle Novetsky has taken care of my 2 children. My first came to Gayle at 8 weeks old. I felt
very confident leaving my new born with her based on watching her interact with the other
children and the warm and caring environment she provided. Gayle was very understandable
about my wife and I checking in during the day and the barrage of questions we had at the
conclusion of each day. It was obvious that Gayle was made to take care of children. She has
the patience of a saint.

As time went on it was becoming clear that our first child had a difficult temperament. He was
slow to warm up to new things, was sensitive to changes and certain clothes and foods, and
often was quite moody. Gayle was very understand and worked with us on developing
behavior systems that took into account his temperament but at the same time set firm limits
for his behavior. Our son can still be difficult at times but he is beginning to understand his
behavior more and more. I completely believe if it were not for Gayle's understand and
commitment to children our son would have had a very difficult time. Gayle was instrumental in
teaching our son fundamental skills that has translated into him doing great in his new
Pre-Kdg. program and he is completely ready for Kindergarten next fall.

Currently our second son attends Gayle's Daycare and he has a completely different
temperament. He is much easier in regards to mood, and approachability, however he is a
daredevil. Gayle has had to employ her incredible patience again with our second son. In
addition our first son still attends her school from time to time. We do this when it is more
convenient for my wife and I to have the boys at the same place on a given day. Gayle has
been very flexible to ever changing schedules and our drop off and pick up times. She is
always there in a pinch.

Gayle's program provides the children with many opportunities for learning on a daily basis.
She is a gifted teacher. Our kids bring home projects and comes home telling us about the
great things they learned and participated in every day. Historically the elementary school in
her neighborhood knows which kids have come from her program, for they are always ready
to learn at the next level.

At this point I must confess that Gayle is MY mother. And despite this being the case I still
contend that my evaluation of her as a child-care provider and teacher is objective. I believe
that even though she is my mother and my children's grandmother, taking care of them daily is
more of a challenge due to the duel role of teacher and grandmother. Gayle has had to
separate her self from being a grandmother often when having to set limits on my children's
behavior. In addition to trying to be objective with my children, she has had to put up with me
being a school psychologist and being a constant source of questions and opinions in regard
to my children's behavior and learning.

If you are unable to be home with your children, I cannot not think of another place where a
child could receive a better start in life, than with Gayle Novetskey, my mom.

Andrew and Griffin's parents