Letter's of Recommendation
Letter of Recommendation 2

It's with great, great pleasure that my husband and I write this letter recommending
Gayle Novetsky and her daycare and preschool. Our daughter, Ella, has been with
Gayle since she was 6 months old. She is now a lively, healthy, happy 20 month cold
who has thrived under Gayle's care.

Ella is our first child and I’ll admit we were very worried about leaving her when I
returned to work. At bare minimum we wanted a situation in which Ella would be safe
and well cared for. In our heart of hearts though, what we really wanted was a place
where she would e cherished, nurtured, taught, and loved (how unrealistic, right?).
We researched numerous large-scale childcare facilities, but we were concerned
about Ella getting lost in the crowd. The larger daycare centers also required she
been enrolled 5 days a week, year-round. My schedule changes month-to-month and
we were hoping for more flexibility. We investigated hiring a nanny but it was costly
and we really wanted Ella to spend time with other children. An in-home daycare
center was another possibility, but how would we find a good one? We were
extremely reluctant to leave our child in the home of someone neither we nor anyone
we trusted knew anything about. When a co-worker recommended Gayle to us we
truly were at our wits' end. After meeting with Gayle and calling her many references--
all of whom had nothing but glowing things to say about her care of their children--
we decided to give it a try.

What a lucky, lucky thing for our family that we did.

With Gayle our girly truly has been cherished, nurtured, taught, and loved. Gayle is
extremely knowledgeable about child development, education, and safety. Her
facilities are always spotlessly clean and have everything a child could need (She
received the highest possible score this year during her State of Michigan
inspection). All the children, from the babies to the older kids, interact with one
another-we really like the fact that Ella is able to play, learn, and make friends with
the kids of different ages and with a wide range of personalities. Gayle strikes a
wonderful balance between encouraging the high-energy exuberance of active kids
and providing a structured, predictable, and respectful environment for everyone. At
the same time, Ella receives lots of individual attention and affection from Gayle and
her assistants. Whenever Ella has needed something special (a dairy-free diet, extra
snuggles when cutting new teeth) Gayle has more than met those needs. In fact,
because she has so much experience taking care of children, Gayle often thinks of
things we ourselves don't. For example, the first time Ella took antibiotics (for an ear
infection) it was Gayle who thought of asking the doctor if Ella would have any sun
sensitivities or if it was ok to take her outside to play.

It is unexpected "extras" like these that really make us grateful to have found Gayle.
She has proven to be a wonderful parenting resource and friend for us as well as an
ideal caretaker an teacher for Ella. We have learned a great deal about babies and
toddlers from Gayle, but she never "pushes" information or suggestions. We truly
feel fantastic communicator, which I found invaluable. She keeps parents updated
with photos and emails throughout the day and is always ready with details from
your child's day when you come to pick her up. She is open to all questions and
concerns--and believe me, as first-time parents, we have had plenty. We also have
really appreciated the fact that Gayle allows for flexibility in Ella's schedule. When we
have needed to leave her in Gayle's care for extra days during the week or to pick
her up at an earlier or later time than usual, Gayle has always been accommodating.
We would be delighter to speak with anyone considering enrolling their child in her
childcare and preschool.

Ella's Parents