Letter's of Recommendation
Letter of Recommendation 3

I. like many other first time mothers who go back to work, was very worried/apprehensive/scared to leave my
child with someone else. I had so many questions: "Am I doing the right thing?", "Is this lady going to love
her?", "Will she involve her in activities and not just keep her in the corner?" And I'll admit, I was (and still am
at times) a little jealous that someone else gets to see her smile, laugh and be silly all day long. But the fact that
I get to go and do what I love while my daughter is having a great time learning and laughing makes me feel so
much better.

What I like the most about sending my daughter to Gayle's is that it's like sending her to Grandma's house, but
she doesn't get away with everything like she would at Grandma's house. There are rules to adhere to, and if
they are not, then an appropriate punishment is given. But she is loved and cared for like family, which is
evident by the many photos sent out each week and the lipstick marks on her cheeks. She is excited to go in
the morning and sometimes doesn't even notice that I have been sitting in the corner for the last 3 minutes to
pick her up at the end of the day because she's having so much fun.

Gayle is also very accommodating when it comes to parent’s preferences. Whether it's the type of milk or food
you would like her to fee them (I brought breast milk and home made fruits and Veggies) or having to drop off
your child just a little earlier than normal for that early morning conference call, Gayle has had no problems.

Gayle has been amazing with the care of our daughter over the past years. From being around other children,
she have learned how to share, clean up her toys and even wipe the table after meals. I can't imagine sending
her to one of the larger day cares in the area. The next best thing to me staying home with her is taking her to

Your child will be in good hands. Good luck with your decisions.

Jilly's Mom