Letter's of Recommendation
Letter of Recommendation 4

Gayle Sue Wells has been providing daycare for my three sons, Dean -12, Dylan -10, and
Drake -7, since May, 2002. My oldest son Dean is no longer in need of Gayle's services, but
through her nurturing and teaching methods; he is very well mannered and respectful
towards others.

Gayle has been a wonderful daycare provider and teacher for all of my boys. She offers a
structured, clean and safe environment, with healthy meals and snacks provided, as well
as a much needed nap time.

Gayle works with my boys on a daily basis in many areas of learning, including reading,
writing, music and art. Gayle also has story time with the children every day. Gayle has
bought puzzles for Dylan, and he has spent hours sitting quietly putting the pieces
together during his time in daycare and can't wait to go back the next day to finish. He
often comes home with a new puzzle to display in our home. Drake comes home with
many projects as well that Gayle has worked with the children on. He is always so excited
to display his work to myself and his brothers.

Gayle has really come to know my children on a personal basis and takes the time to talk
with them. I value Gayle's opinion very highly and often ask her opinion on many subjects
when it comes to my boys.

Gayle's discipline method is age appropriate for all the children. She uses the time-out
method, and this is very effective for my boys. Gayle is respectful of my boys, and they in
turn are respectful of her rules in her home.

Just by watching Gayle interact with the children, you can tell she enjoys her job
tremendously. I couldn't ask for a better Daycare provider. I would definitely recommend
Gayle's Daycare to any parent looking for daycare services for their children.

Dean, Dylan, and Drake's Mom