Letter's of Recommendation
Letter of Recommendation 5

Our daughter Emma has been attending Gayle's Daycare/Preschool since she was three
months of age. At this time, we are approaching her first birthday and have been
extremely happy with Emma's care over the past nine months.

Gayle has been a support since the first day she cared for Emma. She has helped with
my transition back to work and has been very flexible during the year. As Emma has
developed she has been helpful by sharing insight about her experiences with infants
and has been mindful about our concerns. We have enjoyed having Gayle as part of our
daily lives.

Gayle is passionate about her job. She has often stated that she excited for Monday's
because she thoroughly enjoys her time with the children. Her dedication can be seen
by the extra time she puts into craft projects, her large children's library, her field trips to
area parks, and the indoor adventures she creates. During the year, Emma has been
included in all of these activities at an appropriate level. Her dedication is graced by a
loving spirit and she is respected by the children she cares for.

Gayle is respected because she takes the responsibility of shaping behaviors seriously
by instilling manors, and rules. Emma is learning age appropriate rules and positive
re-enforcement. Gayle also asks that the children and family members are respectful of
her home, as she likes to ensure a clean and consistent environment for child security.

We are blessed to have Emma in a loving environment. We know that she is having fun,
learning, and gaining social interaction skills. We would recommend Gayle's
Daycare/Preschool to anyone looking for daycare for their child.

Emma's Mom