Letter of Recommendation
Letter of Recommendation 6

January 3, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

Our daughter, Lydia, has been in Gayle Wells’ care five days a week since she was
nine weeks old. We’ve seen such growth and development in her over the past year
that she’s been with Gayle.

Gayle offers a warm, caring environment in her clean home setting where she
teaches cooperation, discipline and socialization. Lydia has really thrived there. Days
are structured and filled with planned activities that encourage learning such as art
projects, games and music programs. Naps and feeding are well scheduled and
under Gayle’s care, our daughter quickly adapted, sleeping through the night within
two weeks!

As new parents, we greatly value Gayle’s years of experience and her advanced
education in early childhood development. She always has great parenting advice for
us. We consider her to be like an extension of our family, often using her as a
sounding board.

In addition to being trustworthy and providing a safe environment, Gayle has proven
to be flexible with our work schedules. Perhaps one of the best perks of her daycare
is that she forwards pictures via text and email throughout the day depicting the tribe
there. Gayle also makes herself available through instant messaging in the case that
you need a little update. This provides for a welcome distraction from a stressful
workday. We really enjoy seeing pictures of Lydia and her interaction with the others
there and involvement during music or games. Despite Lydia’s young age, Gayle and
the kids always include “Baby Lydia,” and it is a great comfort to see this

If you value an environment that has the feel of a true second home for your child,
you cannot go wrong with Gayle’s Daycare and Preschool. She is helping to raise
some wonderful children there. We hope to see you and your child at the drop off!


Lydia’s parents, Blaine & Rachael Orlik